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Any drivers not taking part in the (retiring) race will be treated as Non-Runners, and all the wagers placed on them will be treated as no action unless otherwise specified.
The race will be deemed to have started after the signal to commence the warm up lap.
If the race is stopped and then restarted, then all bets stand regardless of any alteration in positioning.
If a race is abandoned before an official result can be determined, all bets stand providing the race is re-run at the same location within two weeks of the original schedule date.
Individual race betting (match up and positional) will be determined by the podium positions at the end of the race and will not be affected by any subsequent enquiries, disqualifications alterations (made after the official end of the race). Never the less black flags and lap disqualification made during the running of the race will stand as to the final positions.

Qualifying Betting

Wagers on the qualifying performance will be settled according to the grid positions at the end of the qualifying period.

All qualifying bets must be placed before the practice session preceding the qualifying session. Any bet placed after the pratice session before the qualifying round willl be deemed void.

Number of Finishers

For settlement purposes the number of finishers in the race will be that which is officially stated, including those drivers lapped by a circuit or more.

Winning Margin

Winning bets predict the official winning margin as the first and second cars to cross the line, excluding any time penalties or disqualifications incurred after the race by any driver. If only one car finishes, bets will be settled at the maximum make up stipulated.


If either driver fails to start then all bets will be made void on that specific match up. If both drivers fail to finish the race then it is the driver who was completed the most laps who is deemed the winner. If both drivers retire on the same lap all match bets will be made void.

Special situation procedures

In the event of a race not being completed, if the race is ruled official by the race’s ruling commission all wagers on the outright’s will have action according to the official results. All Prop wagers and matchups will be ruled no action.

If a race is postponed or rescheduled all wagers will remain active providing the race is run in a period of time not exceeding one week from the original scheduled date.

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