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Types of Wagers & Payoffs
SEATTLE +240 40

Straight Wagering
When wagering on SAN FRANCISCO you must win by at least 7 points to win the bet. When wagering on SEATTLE you cannot lose by more than 6 points to win the bet. On the other hand if the line was a solid -6 and SAN FRANCISCO wins by exactly 6 points then the bet is a "push", and stake or money is returned to your account.

Total (over/under)
Wagering on the total points combined on the game: To win on the "over", the total score for each team will be added together and it must exceed 40 points. When betting the "under", the total score for each team is added together and cannot exceed 39 points to win the wager, if the total score add up to exactly 40 points, the bet is called a "push" and the money is credited to your account.

Money Line Wagering
When wagering on the money line, you must win the game on the field in order to win your bet. Wagering on SAN FRANCISCO $-290, the point spread does not matter. You must risk $290 to win $100. Wagering on SEATTLE $+240, you stake $100 to win $240

Future Wager
Future wagers, such as to win any championship or divisional winners, will be graded as soon as the season or tournament is over.

Football parlays
The odds for Parlays are:

2 Team = 13/5
3 Team = 6/1
4 Team = 10/1
5 Team = 20/1
6 Team = 35/1
7 Team = 65/1
8 Team = 100/1

Note: These odds are based in teams with -110 Money Lines, any team with a different Money Line will change the final odds.

Football Teasers

Football Special Teaser Payoffs
3 team 10 points* (Only two totals allowed) Lay 12/10
4 team 13 points* (Only two totals allowed) Lay 13/10

A tie + loss = Loss
A tie + win = Push

In a 3 team or 4 team special teaser any combination of ties and wins is a tie. But a tie and a loss is a loser.

Buying Points
Points can be bought in football for the complete game only. They can be bought on sides and totals. The following table shows how much it cost to buy points. When you buy points the spread will change to your advantage but the amount you have to risk will increase in order to win the bet.

1 -130
1 -140
2 -150
2 -170
3 -190
3 -210
4 -230
4 -250
5 -270
5 -290
6 -310
6 -330
7 -370
7 -410
8 -450
8 -490
9 -530
9 -570
10 -620

"If the current line for Raiders is -3.5, and you buy 0.5 point, the final line will be Raiders -3. Because this line is the same as a field goal you will have to lay -120 plus an extra 10% charge, so picking Raiders -3 buying 0.5 point is going to cost you $130 to win $100."

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