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Establishing an Account:

1. To open an account at EZ Sports Betting online you must be 18 years or older.

2. All new players will receive a 20% welcome bonus upon your initial deposit. (please view our promotions page for more recent details)

3. Minimum Internet wager is $10 USD. The maximum wager is limited to the current balance available in your account, however this is subject to change with the approval of management. Funds must be in your account to be able to place a wager and no exceptions will be granted.

4. You may fund your account with Fire Pay, Neteller, Prepaid ATM and 900 Pay and Western-Union. This may change from time to time, so please click live help for our accounting department to verify current methods of payment available.

5. Upon activating an account with our sportsbook, the player has entered into a valid contract and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions thereof including all gaming rules and regulations.

It is expressly agreed and understood that the contract:

  • Is entered into the countries and jurisdictions of Costa Rica and shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Costa Rica.
  • Constitutes that all sportsbook activity (play) occurs in the country and jurisdiction of Costa Rica.
  • The Player agrees that he/she is SOLELY and SEPARATELY responsible for complying with the laws of their jurisdiction. Where specifically prohibited by law, players are encouraged to play for fun.
Making a Wager:
1. All sporting events must be played on the date and site scheduled unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed, suspended and/or rescheduled, this automatically constitute "no action".

2. When wagering, overtime periods are counted as a final score (with the exception of Soccer)

3. In order to have action, games must go at least:

FOOTBALL (College & Pro)
55 minutes of play

43 minutes of play

35 minutes of play

HOCKEY (Pro & American)
55 minutes of play

85 minutes of play

For the side 5 full innings must be completed, 4 ½ if the home team is winning. For the total and run-line 9 full innings must be completed, 8 ½ if the home team is winning.

BOXING (Pro, College, Amateur)
When the bell is sounded, signifying the start of the round, the bout is considered official.

Must play to either their conclusion or have five minutes or less of scheduled playing time left.

4. After an official wager has been placed, under no circumstance will EZ Sports Betting online allow any refunds, changing of wagers, or switching of teams

5. The winner of an event, game, or any such wager will be determined on the date that the event, game, or wager is concluded.

6. EZ Sports Betting online reserves the right to add, delete, or change house wagering rules and payoff odds as deemed necessary subject to sufficient notification to the player.

7. EZ Sports Betting online management reserves the right to limit, refuse, or adjust any wager, payout or transaction in the interest of correcting a human or technical error.

8. Any and all wager(s) taken on an incorrect / mistaken line due to human or technical error(s) shall be declared no action by EZ Sports Betting online .

9. Las Vegas rules apply to any wager not covered by rules and regulations herein.

10. All player information shall remain strictly confidential and EZ Sports Betting online will not report any winnings or losses to any governmental agency.

1. Occasionally some bets entered on the Internet do not reach us due to the fact that transmitting of data over the Internet is beyond our control. For your own benefit always check your pending wagers to ensure your bet was submitted. If your wager is not there, press the refresh button at the top of your page, if the bet is still not in your pending wagers then there is no bet and your balance was not affected. Any bet not in your pending wager screen or your history will not be honored. If you get an error when posting, please do not place the wager again without checking your pending wagers first, this is because the bet may have gone through and this will only duplicate your bet. If you have any questions about a wager please contact us immediately.

2. At EZ Sports Betting online , we use state-of-the-art technology to backup and protect all wagering activity on the Internet. In the case of a dispute, the log files will serve as the final authority to resolve any such dispute. The player has 48 hours to log and file a dispute regarding his Internet account. No disputes will be honored past this 48-hour period. Players are responsible for ensuring that their account balance is accurate for all Internet account transactions.

3. If it’s been determined, in the sole opinion of EZ Sports Betting online , that any spread or price for any wager or contest has been manipulated, then those wagers will be marked as a loser.


At EZ Sports Betting online , payouts will be processed Monday through Friday with exceptions being Costa Rican Public Holidays - only two redemptions per week. In order to have your request processed as quickly as possible, we ask that you contact our Accounting Department prior to 12pm Eastern Standard Time and also let them know if you would like the fees for any payout deducted from your EZ Sports Betting online wagering account or deducted from the amount sent to you. We do take telephone withdrawal requests 24 hours daily or you can make a request via email.

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