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Q. What sports can I wager on? 
A. We accept wagers on ALL Major Sporting Events. This includes Pro and College Football, Pro and College Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Auto Racing, Boxing, Soccer, Tennis, Golf and lots more. If we can get a line on it, you can bet it.

Q. What kind of plays/bets do you have? 
A. We take action on Straight bets, parlays, round robins, If bets, Reverse bets, Round Robin, teasers, special teasers, half times, totals, action points and future bets. In general, if you can bet it in Vegas, you can bet it with us.

Q. What is your minimum bet? 
A.The minimum bet is $10.

Q. How do I place a wager? 
A. Once you have established your account with us, you will be given a USER ID/PASSWORD, which identifies you to our sports consultants. You will now have access to the game lines to place your bets or wager at your convenience online. Once Loging in, Select your line you would like to place a wager on, select your bet type, enter your amount and just confirm your bet.

Q. What if there is a discrepancy with a wager? 
A. Our Operations are fully computerized and every transaction is digitally recorded. The Operations' Manager will then decide if an adjustment to your betting account is necessary. These decisions are FINAL.

Q. Where do you get your lines? 
A. We have our own handicapper which gets us a starting line. You decide in what direction the line moves.

Q. What kind of lines do you have on hockey? 
A. In Hockey, EZ Sports Betting online offers the Canadian Line. The Canadian line is a Puck Line with Odds.
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