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EZ Sports Betting online' clients utilize extensive security measures found within our software and gaming servers to protect all information sent over the Internet. Each account held at EZ Sports Betting online is subject to the following security measures:

Access to Funds
EZ Sports Betting online maintains customer balances in cash. We ensure that each customer's balance is available for immediate withdrawal.

Account Access
Our accounts are only accessible with a unique Username and Password combination. Please keep your Username/PIN and Password strictly confidential. We also suggest that you do not save your username/PIN or password to ANY computer. EZ Sports Betting online accepts no responsibility for any fraud resulting from the scenario described above.

Upon activating an account, a client will be asked a number of questions as a security measure. If he/she forgets his/her account information the answers to these questions must be furnished correctly before EZ Sports Betting online can re-issue the lost information.

If it is such that your account was created before this policy was introduced, and there is no record of the security questions/answers the client will be asked to fax in a copy of some type of identification (suitable to EZ Sports Betting online ).

Information Verification
All users must register with their full mailing address and full legal name when creating an account at EZ Sports Betting online . Users that are found to have registered with a false name or mailing address are subject to having their account(s) locked until suitable proof of person is provided.

Withdrawal Verification
All withdrawals are subject to USERID verification. A USER ID is automatically generated upon activating an account. Clients will be asked for the answers to their security questions before receiving a payout.

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